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Eigenaar: Single Buoy Moorings Inc.
Type: Oil production and storage facility
Periode: May – July 2008

Developed by GustoMSC, the MOPUstor provides a solution for short life oil fields without direct access to pipeline infrastructure in waterdepths and environment not suitable for FPSO’s. On the sub-sea storage tank a 107-metres high and 1,240-tonne caisson was installed as well as adrainage system under the tank bottom between the skirts Electrical and instrumentation works were carried out, various piping and extensive structural work, cathodic protection systems and assistance was rendered during the commissioning of the sub-structure. The MOPUstor sub-structure consists of a sub-sea storage tank, a caisson and columns and bracing that support the MOPUstor's topside production unit. The storage tank, with a dimension of 66 metres by 54 metres by 21.5 metres, has a storage capacity of 3,300,000 bbl.


Eigenaar: Perenco U.K.
Type: Mobile Offshore Application Barge
Periode: 2005

The self-installing platform MOAB is an unmanned gas compression platform adjacent and connected with a bridge link to an existing production platform at the Trent Field Development on the UK North Sea continental shelf. Keppel Verolme engineered, procured and constructed (EPC) a self installing platform for the UK sector of the North Sea. The assembly of the hull with the substructure and suction piles is done in dry-dock. Furthermore, Keppel Verolme outfitted Owners delivered supplied gas compressors and process package. The MOAB is designed for 100-Year return storm conditions with 900 metric ton payload.